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Chiropractor Lake Geneva Dr. Donna Brown

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Meet Dr. Donna Brown

A Desire to Help Others

As a team-oriented person, Dr. Brown was on track to become a physical education teacher and coach. She soon realized, though, that she wanted something more. Her grandparents followed a more natural path to health and saw a naturopath and chiropractor. They also ate right, didn’t go to medical doctors, or get sick and take medications. Dr. Brown knew she wanted to assist people in the same way her grandparents were helped. It became her mission to help individuals get on the path toward a healthier future.

A Passion for Health and the Human Body

Growing up in Lockport, Illinois, Dr. Brown chose to attend the nearby National University of Health Sciences in Lombard. While in high school and during her undergraduate years, Dr. Brown loved anatomy and physiology courses, so she’d already taken many science-based classes by the time she arrived at chiropractic college. She enjoyed learning more about the human body and how chiropractic works with our natural healing abilities.

An Understanding of Locating the Source

Dr. Brown had never been to a chiropractor before and had her first adjustment in the student clinic. A student doctor asked if she’d had problems with her facial bones when she was younger. Surprised, Dr. Brown replied that yes, she broke her nose at age 13.

Her fellow future chiropractor knew her neck and facial bones were in an improper position and soon determined that Dr. Brown’s headaches were due to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. This experience influenced Dr. Brown to look at each individual’s entire body, rather than focusing on just the area of pain or discomfort.

I’m humbled by the people who choose to entrust their health to me.

To further her knowledge, Dr. Brown continues to take ongoing education on wellness and longevity, radiology, neurology and is nutrition certified.

A Love of Life in Lake Geneva

You’ll find that even on her days off, Dr. Brown spends her spare time at Excel Family Chiropractic & Wellness – she is truly passionate about improving the health of our community! She is married and has four children, while her husband has two. They have six grandkids and love spending time with their family on picnics, sitting in the yard around the fire pit, fishing, hunting and being outdoors. Dr. Brown loves being on the water in her kayak. She and her husband enjoy being active and working out together.

She’s a member of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin (CSW).

Over her many years in Lake Geneva, Dr. Brown has been active in many ways, including being a past member of several organizations such as WING, Women Entrepreneurs, Geneva Lake Women Association, Catholic Daughters, a founding member of Women to Women, the predecessor of Women’s Resource Fair and Le Leche League to name of few. She has organized and been a part of several health fairs, has done presentations in the classrooms of many of the local schools, and is a speaker on health and wellness for several corporations and civic groups.

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