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About Us

About Us

At Excel Family Chiropractic & Wellness, serving your needs and keeping your goals are at the forefront of your care. Though fashion and music may have changed in the last 30-plus years we’ve been in practice, one thing hasn’t: our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

A Focus on Family Well-Being

Our Doctors see multiple generations of the same families. They often see longtime patients who are now adults bringing their own children to the practice! We enjoy watching families grow as the years go by, and seeing people through the many exciting stages of their life. As you go through the phases of your life, your health care needs to be tailored to your changing needs. We understand how to provide the appropriate care and guidance to all ages, from babies to those in their 90s.

A Healthier Start, Naturally

One of our success stories was a two-week-old baby. Their parents see Dr. Brown regularly. Though they said their new bundle of joy was in excellent health, they brought her in for a routine checkup. Dr. Brown gently felt along the baby’s neck and noticed a spasm, then asked, ‘’Doesn’t the baby have trouble nursing on the right breast?” The mom was surprised and replied yes! After adjusting the baby’s spine, the baby could nurse fine on both sides!


We have the privilege of seeing people leave our office feeling better every day, who can sleep well or run again, getting back to their daily lives. Find out what we can do for your family. Contact us today! Same-day appointments are available.

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