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Kinesio Tape

Kinesio-taping is a type of therapy that utilizes a special kind of stretchy tape made out of thin, elastic cotton that can stretch up to 30-40% of its original length. As a result, when the tape is applied with a stretch, it will "recoil" creating a pulling force on the skin.

This lifting effect of the skin increases interstitial space (space between cells), allowing for an increase in circulation to bring in needed nutrients for healing and moving out debris and inflammation of the affected area. Most kinesio-tape brands are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin. Our office is careful about the brands we use. We use brands such as the original Kinesio-Tape brand, Rock Tape and Dynamic Tape. In our experience, these brands have been great outcomes with little to no skin irritation.

Kinesio-tape differs from white sports tape in that white sports tape has zero stretch so does not allow for motion. Current findings show we heal quicker when we get movement going.

Benefits include:

Reduces pain and inflammation
Relaxes tight muscles
Supports injured muscles, tendons and ligaments
Restores joint range of motion
Reduces adhesions and scar tissue
Reduces swelling and edema
Helps support and maintain the chiropractic adjustment




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