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Meet Dr. Donna Brown

Dr. Donna Brown

Dr. Brown has a lifetime interest in the amazing abilities of the body. During childhood, the awe while watching a figure skater in the Olympics spin on one skate “a million miles per hour”, a gymnast doing ariel flips and landing squarely on both feet, how fast and far the body can run, the ability to maneuver a bicycle, skateboard, or a snowmobile in mid-air just never ceases to amaze her! If there was a sport, physical activity, or challenge, Dr. Brown was doing it. During her high school years, Dr. Brown loved and participated in many sports while her academic interests were drawn to the biology department. Dr. Brown’s dream was to become a physical education teacher and coach. In college, she enrolled in a pre-med curriculum, her classes focusing on topics like anatomy, physiology, and chemistry as well as those necessary for a PE teacher degree. During her second year of college, Dr. Brown changed her career path. While being a teacher and coach is a noble profession, she wanted to do more for people. Because of her family’s background in natural healthcare, learning to take care of yourself without the aid of pharmaceuticals, and seeing a medical doctor, Dr. Brown decided on Chiropractic School. She states, “one of the best decisions I ever made”. She graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1983.

Thirty-nine years later and counting, Dr. Brown has cared for thousands of patients from age 15 minutes old to 98! She loves attending continuing education classes to add new techniques and other care adjuncts to her chiropractic “toolbox” to better care for people of all ages, occupations, and health conditions. She has a family practice, seeing 4 generations of family members! Her philosophy is EVERYONE with a spine needs chiropractic care!

Dr. Brown’s other interests include exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Care plans at Excel are more than just chiropractic adjustment. Many times, the patient is also given recommendations for nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Brown has been in Lake Geneva since 1986. She loves Lake Geneva and all the activities it has to offer. She is married to Sparky Voldan. Dr. Brown has 4 children and Sparky has 2 of his own. Together they have 6 grandchildren. In her spare time, (what’s that!?), Dr. Brown likes to hike on any of the nearby trails, kayak on Geneva Lake, and spend time with family.

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