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Meet Dr. Emma Hervat

Dr. Emma Hervat

An Early Passion

Dr. Hervat began seeing a chiropractor at 7 years old after a sledding accident left her in extensive pain. Chiropractic care allowed her to quickly return to a happy and active lifestyle. After seeing what chiropractic was able to do for her, she developed an interest in the field. The more she learned, the more passionate she became about the profession and what it could do to help others!

Pursuit of Learning

Dr. Hervat grew up in Kenosha, WI. Throughout high school and her undergraduate studies, she was fascinated by learning about the human body and all that it was capable of. Dr. Hervat has always loved helping others in any way possible and has volunteered for many organizations such as the YMCA, local shelters, and schools. Dr. Hervat attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where she continued to learn all that she could to help her future community.

Unlocking Potential

Dr. Hervat is removing nerve interference, or subluxations, allowing the body access to its full potential for healing itself. Dr. Hervat is here for you. She is committed to listening to patients with care and concern for their needs. Through individualized care, her goal is to help you achieve your goals however big or small. Dr. Hervat is always learning and discovering new ways to help patients through ongoing education. In her spare time, Dr. Hervat enjoys getting involved with her community and is always looking for new opportunities to help. Dr. Hervat enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves to be outdoors camping and hiking or at the beach. Being new to Lake Geneva, she is excited to be serving the community by being a true health advocate.

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