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Success Stories

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Chiropractic helps everyone in many different ways, from reducing pain to improving quality of life! Please share your experience so others may be inspired and given hope that help is here for them to live better too!
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Wow! Chiropractic Keeps Us Healthy

When I was 12 years old, I broke my nose by hitting my face on the bottom of a concrete swimming pool. Over the course of the next 3 years, I had 3 nose surgeries to correct the shape and function of my nose. The surgeon never looked at the rest of my facial structure or neck. By age 18 or 19, I began to have horrendous headaches that seemed to start “out of the blue”, that would keep me in bed with an ice pack over my head for days. This went on for a few years on a monthly basis. By age 20, I was in chiropractic school. The lower grade students (that being me), were to visit the student clinic to give the upper grade students practice! An intern in the student clinic took one look at my face and asked when did I hit my face! He found my right TMJ (jaw) and C1 (the first vertebra on the top of the spine) were subluxated (=out of their normal position), putting pressure on the upper cervical nerves causing the headaches! I had no idea. Once corrected, I never had those horrendous headaches again! Because the subluxation of C1 was not found for 6-7 years, that joint became “damaged”. Due to the damage, I have a chronic subluxation. I continue to get chiropractic adjustments to keep my TMJ and C1 in place, stopping further damage and keeping pressure off the nerves in my upper neck. Today, being a mom of 4, a grandmother of 6, hobbies which include hiking and kayaking, plus my occupation of being a chiropractor, I have my entire spine checked for subluxations on a regular basis. I have learned keeping my spine in its best alignment keeps pressure off my nerves so my body can function properly! Wow! Chiropractic keeps us healthy in more ways than we will every know!

-Dr. Donna Brown

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